CrossRoads Pregnancy Center
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Helping Mothers

How We Can Help


Pregnancy Test

When you first think you may be pregnant, it can be a scary time. We want to help you through that time. Come by any time for a free pregnancy test and consultation. 

Material Assistance

Having a baby can be expensive and the cost add up quickly. CPC can offer material assistance to those who need help with formula, diapers and other needs. 

Parenting Classes

At CPC, we want to help you not only to have a health baby, but we want to equip you to be a successful parent for years after the child is born. 


We offer Post Abortion Counseling and Education classes for men and women who are struggling to cope with past decisions. 

Pre-natal Classes

For some women, the idea of having a child to take care of can be intimidating. We want to help you prepare to be a mother to a new born and work along your side. 


Having a baby is a big decision. It is one that will require lots of prayer and wisdom. We promise to come alongside you in this area.