CrossRoads Pregnancy Center
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When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may have many people and influences weighing down on you as you consider your next steps. CrossRoads Pregnancy Center offers a confidential and compassionate place for you to discuss your situation and options. We are there to talk about your choices, answer your queries, or just listen to your worries. CrossRoads Pregnancy Center will not make a profit from whatever option you ultimately choose regarding your pregnancy. We are able to provide you with comprehensive facts so that abortion will no longer seem your only option. All our services are offered free of charge.

Pregnancy Testing

CrossRoads Pregnancy Center staff uses a clinic-quality hCG test. These type of tests are extremely sensitive urine-based assessments which can be used to show if you are pregnant. These are laboratory quality and have a more than 99% accuracy rate. CrossRoads can confirm your pregnancy for use with applications such as food stamps, insurance, or housing.

If your pregnancy test is positive we can discuss your options with you.

Abortion Recovery

Have you had an abortion in your past and are now experiencing emotional distress, months or years later? You are not alone. Many women with an abortion in their past experience some level of post abortion distress in their lifetime. We offer a post abortion support group for women.